New Walnut Regency Bedroom Series

Four new, beautifully sculpted Regency style beds are perfect for a castle, mansion, manor, or elegant home!  Each style is available in a full (145) or a lower (86)  prim bedroom set.

Vibrant jewel toned damasks and classic paisley linens decorate the beds in this unique Regency series.  The beds include retractable linens as well as an optional canopy with a curtain feature that rezzes from a menu.  The beds also have multiple single, cuddle and sleep animations.  

Each set also has a Regency styled matching bedroom bench with sit animations and matching chaise with sit and cuddle animation.

The regency style armoire includes open-close doors and rezzes folded clothes and decorative bowls inside from a menu.  You can also clear the items and put your own things inside.

All versions of the bedroom sets also include matching scarf tables and 3 prim, gold trim lamps with on/off glow touch.

Special to the full bedroom sets are the optional Regency style walnut and burl nightstands.
The full bedroom sets also include a Bombe walnut and burl dresser which comes with an oval gold leaf mirror and a decorative peony centerpiece bowl.

All sets include a sculpted rug and walnut framed, paired iris prints.

Check out the Regency Series in world! 


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