Support and FAQ

Greetings! I am Pamela Galli, owner of La Galleria.

• My income comes from selling my time, not pixels; therefore I must use my time efficiently.  I have tens of thousands of customers owning tens of thousands of my products. In addition to customer service calls from customers, I also create new content, update content, make marketplace listings, and many other things involved in running  my business.

Therefore my available customer service time must be limited to issues with the functioning and quality of my merchandise, rather than SL problems over which I have no control.**  

Please read this page for answers to many issues. If your issue is not addressed, please answer the following questions in INSTANT MESSAGE. Please do NOT SEND A NOTECARD, as I cannot read them offline, they get lost, and take more time to respond to.

Only when I have the answers I can begin working on a solution, and not before.

PLEASE NOTE: I need to hear from the item OWNER, not a friend.









Here is a sample Customer Service Request showing the kind of message that provides enough information for me to handle the issue instantly:

“I purchased your ‘Contemporary  WALNUT DESK Chair2LEATHER CHANGE W ANIMS’  I believe I purchased this item within the last 5-7 days.  

I am having the following problem with it:    When I sit on the chair, it positions me in a generic sit position embedded in the chair back.  No menu appears.  This problem is repeatable and has been happening since the chair was rezzed.  

I have attempted to reset the scripts in the chair and there is now a ‘Wait for animations and object SetMultiBall or Notecard’ hover text message visible above the chair seat.”  

Before I can help, I need the information below — in INSTANT MESSAGE. When I have it, I will respond ASAP.

1. What is the EXACT name of the item? (I have dozens of different houses and furniture sets.) Please copy and paste the name if you have the item, so I can find it in inventory.

2. About how long have you had the item?

3. Tell the story of what happened. (I NEED DETAILS, NOT “Not working right.”) What did you do just before the problem started? EXACTLY what happened or did not happen that is wrong? 

4. WHEN did the problem start (right from the beginning or later)? 

5. If there was a script error, copy and paste the whole thing.

6. What steps have you taken on your own (relogged, cleared cache, tried other viewer, tried other region, reset scripts, rezzed a fresh copy of copyable items, etc.)

Thank you for giving me ALL the information I need to understand the problem, so I can begin working on a solution for the problem!

 What I have control over:

 1. The quality and functioning of my products, as far as possible.

2. Something I have caused to happen.

What I have no control over (but will provide advice for dealing with):

1. Second Life server code handles inworld deliveries; Markeplace software code handles marketplace deliveries.

3. Lost products, missing inventory, returned items.

4. Problems caused by sim lag or communication failure, database problems, viewer problems, internet connection problems, SL server problems, or any other variables I have no control over and have not caused.

5. User failure to read listings or instruction cards.


When someone contacts me about something missing from inventory I assume they have already taken steps to force their full inventory to load. Some of these steps are discussed HERE. I do not expect anyone to contact me as their first step after discovering a problem with their inventory. 
Second Life server and viewer software controls the delivery of unscripted inworld objects which you simply click on to buy. Please clear cache and relog to get items to show in inventory.

  1. I will resend copyable items on request, assuming you have done a thorough inventory search for them (see my page in this blog for tips) — just paste the name of the item.
  2. Transfer items missing from inventory are an inventory issue over which I have no control, not a product issue: please follow steps here.
  3.  Transfer items missing from inworld: please do an area search and other things mentioned HERE .
  4. If you have missing transfer inventory due to inworld grid malfunction, please provide a narrative description of what occurred.


PLEASE NOTE: I know when it is and is not necessary to come look at an item in order to fix or replace it; if it is I will request you turn off security and tp me, maybe give me permission to rez items and modify your objects.

  1. Please read any instructions and item descriptions; your question may be answered there already.
  2. If a copyable item is not working correctly, please rez a fresh copy that has never been rezzed inworld; if that does not work, IM me the EXACT (copy-pasted) item name and I will send a replacement.
  3. If a transfer item is not working correctly, IM me with the EXACT (copy-pasted) item name and a DETAILED description of the problem. (“It is messed up.” or “Not working for me.” do not provide me any useful information.) Most likely I will ask you to return it for a replacement; I do not need to be inworld for you to do this.
  4. If you have a transfer item that rezzes objects, the objects are no transfer. These must be removed from the object contents before the object can be returned. (Open the item contents tab in Edit, R Click each object, choose Delete.)
  5. If you would like to trade one transfer item for another, that’s fine, as long as it is within 24 hours of purchase.
  6. Copyable things are never transfer as well, so they cannot be returned to me for credit or refund. Of course I will refund for double purchases.


NOTE: Please read the notecard that comes with your house, kitchen, or other object before contacting me. Let me know which step of instructions you need help understanding.  Please read the SL HOMEOWNER’S GUIDE HERE.

  1. I do not provide any setup or placement services. Whatever you buy you will need to rez and place yourself.  House rezzing is very simple; please read the notecard.
  2. I do not do modifications of any kind, unless you arrange for it before purchase.* If you would like to learn a few simple skills to enable you to do your own modifications, click here. You can also contact me to ask for a name of someone who might be available for a modification job.
  3. *Installing a windowseat is an optional modification — please look at the model homes to see how to place them (there are instructional pics for the loft).
  4. If there is a problem or defect with your home, it helps to send a pic.
  5. If you have deleted or retextured your home that means you did not lock all parts of the house, because things cannot be accidentally modified when they are locked. In many house boxes there is a picture that shows exactly where to place a new rez box. Once you have placed the new box, delete your home and rez a new one in the same spot. The Homeowner’s Guide page in this blog gives instructions how to do this.


  1. I do not do any custom homes or modifications of homes. To understand why custom work is not a good fit for me:
  2. I occasionally will do something simple, like change the fabric on something, or make something I think will sell well in the store, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.


  1. Any buttons in Pamela Galli’s PICKS will take you to a teleport board.  You can find other teleport boards around the store.
  2. At this time anonymous account access is restricted, due to problems with, for example, griefers and others who come back on anonymous accounts 5 minutes after being banned.
  3. An anonymous account is one in which no RL info has been given to LL.  Those who have given RL info to LL have this on their profiles:  Payment Info on File (or Payment Info Used.  Few griefers will go out and give LL their RL info after being banned.
  4. I realize most people with No Payment Info on File are honest and cause no problems, but SL does not give me a way to allow only certain anonymous accounts access. 
  5. If you would like to give LL your RL info, you can do so on your Account page under Billing. 
  6. If you have a friend who cannot join you in the store, you might want to allow her to use your account.
  7.  A way to share a screen is to use Join.Me or the screen sharing function of Skype.
  8. Yes, I probably lose a few sales, but my store is my RL job, the way I support my family, and my peace of mind is worth some lost sales.  I just do not have the stomach to deal with any more malicious people than I have to.

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