The La Galleria Bathroom



Screenshot 2016-02-16 19.41.42
Vintage Mesh Bathroom
Screenshot (73)
Classic White Bathroom

The bathroom comes as a coalesced, unlinked group (e.g. Vintage Bathroom Coalesced Group), so you can rez the bathtub, double sink, shower, vanity, vanity bench, toilet and wall shelf all together (43 LI Prims), along with the accessories. The total prims with furniture and all optional accessories added is 78 LI/Prims.

  • After rezzing the furniture as a group, you may select individual items with their accessories (select each while holding down shift) and move them into place in your bathroom.
  • You may link anything that is not scripted – towels, plants, etc –to the furniture as long as you select the furniture LAST, to keep the same root prim.  In order to prevent scripted things like candle, soap dish, toothbrush cup, or razor from being linked I have made those no mod. Do not link the furniture together.
  • The first time you rez the tub water or makeup, you may need to delete it with your mouse; after that everything will clear from the menu.

Included in the coalesced group and individually:

Screenshot 2016-02-17 00.00.55


  • Items that can be touched to hold: toothbrush, razor, soap, sponge, lipstick, nail polish brush, mascara brush, blush brush, hairbrushScreenshot (259)
  • Sit on sink or bench for animationsScreenshot (270)Screenshot (258)
  • Sit on water or bubble bath for animations menuScreenshot (271)Screenshot (272)
  • L click tub for water or bubble bathScreenshot (273)
  • L Click any faucet for water.Screenshot (274)
  • L click R shower valve to turn on water, R click and sit on L valve for singles shower, L click floor for couplesScreenshot (278)  
  • To scan for updates, keep your bathroom box rezzed for at least 24 hours.
  • To access this page from Second Life, L click the bathroom box
  • Bathroom is best viewed with Advanced Lighting turned on in your viewer Graphics tab.

The discount on the price of a mesh bathroom is as follows:                                                                   

If you own a non-mesh La Galleria Bathroom, there is a 20% discount. If you own a La Galleria Mesh Bathroom, the discount is 60%.  IM Pamela Galli with…20% discount. If you own a La Galleria Mesh Bathroom, the discount is 60%.  IM Pamela Galli with approximate year of previous bathroom purchase.