I have all kinds and all styles! These are great for entertaining guests — the cheese and fruit plate gives cheese on cracker for the left hand and a crystal wine glass for the right.


Celebrate your love with a picnic just for you and your lover!

Food items include:

* Chips and Salsa plate that gives a chip for the left hand and a Margarita for the right.

* Fruit and cheese tray that gives a cracker and cheese for the left hand and a glass of wine for the right.

* Fried chicken, potato salad, and cole slaw that gives a chicken leg and a fork.

* Cheesecake that gives a slice of cheesecake on a plate for the left hand and a fork for the right.

* Cherry pie that gives a plate with slice of pie for the left hand and a fork for the right.

When all done, cuddle, kiss, and rez a campfire to gaze into together!

Touch the center of the blanket to rez animation balls.

Touch the edges of the blanket to change textures.

Touch the picnic basket to rez food items or campfire.

Touch food to receive fork or food and drink items with eating animation (sit on balls first).

Touch wine bottle in basket to get a goblet of wine.

The blanket and basket are 22 prims. Rezzed items various, but I kept it pretty low.


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