Featured Designer: Alexxis Foxdale

As you can see, Alexxis has turned her Mountain Creek Cottage into a Christmas dream house! Recently I asked her how she got involved in decorating, and how she decides what to use:

I‘ve always loved the challenge of interior design in RL and when I came to SL I was immediately in hot pursuit of my first home to decorate.

Being so new, I really didn’t know where to find a good house or what the difference was between a good or bad house. Needless to say, my first house needed some major changes. After redoing that house, eventually I got my first Pamela Gali house.

I’m on my third Galli house and recently downsized from Gran Villa di Galli to the Mountain Creek Cottage. I’ve loved all three of my Galli homes and have used them as my showcase houses. Pam does such a great job with her interiors, that decorating is made easy.

I find that in interior design the use of color, textures and accessories is extremely important. Many times I go by instinct and feeling, as decorating is a true form of art. However, with much experience in rl and sl I also know the art of design, placement of furniture, the use of accessories and the importance of carrying a theme and color throughout a home.


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