Myers-Briggs Personality Types and Second Life

Why do some people almost instantly fall in love with Second Life and others never see the charm, no matter how many times a friend drags them inworld? Part of it is circumstantial — those who are, for example, homebound, may see the potential that they might not otherwise.

But we all know there is more to it than that. I conducted very informal surveys on two SL-related forums (Xstreet and SL Universe) and asked posters to report which Myers-Briggs (or Jungian/Kiersey) Personality type they were. What I found in both was that certain personality types that are fairly or very rare in real life are very over represented in Second Life.

Furthermore, Quinn Morani posted this in the SL Forum:

There was a thread about this on the old forum and I tallied everyone’s responses at the time. Here were the final results based on a sample size of 50.…
Of particular note (and quite telling about whom SL is most likely to appeal to):

  • The IN’s make up over half of the forum population who responded to the thread (58%).
  • The I’s dominated the E’s (82% v. 18%)
  • The N’s dominated the S’s (70% v. 30%).
  • The correlation in percentages between the GD forum population and the general population is completely inverse.

In general, if someone is an INTJ, INTP, INFJ, or INFP — in other words, an IN +Anything — he is much more likely to find SL appealing than IS[anything] or EN[anything] — and an ES[anything] is likely going to hate SL.

My guess is that this is because the I = Introvert, and the N, while called Intutive, to me means more like “Introspective”.  So according to my theory an introverted introspective person is more likely to “get” SL than any other types.

What do those letters mean?

What are the sixteen personality types?

How can you find out your type?

I am an INFP, absolutely made to fall in love with SL. What are you?


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