Please Don’t Make Me Decorate

My store is three sims — one is furnished house models, one mainly dining and kitchen, one mainly living and bedroom (with assorted other departments).

And it all has to be decorated.

And I dread and avoid doing it.

I didn’t start out avoiding it — no, I was like many of my customers. I was completely obsessed with decorating my first little house. I shopped the low prim stores and just loved putting it all together. 

Skip forward three years and here I am with three sims that need to be decorated. And frankly, it never quite gets done. There are room settings that have an unfinished look because that’s what they are. It is always hanging over my head — but somehow there are always more pressing things to do. Or that’s what I tell myself.  Because at this point “decorating” is just about dragging things out of inventory, rotating them, and positioning them — over and over and over.  

(I’m just glad I have never gotten sick and tired of making things, or I would be in real trouble. I still get excited about the process of making a sculpt or a texture and taking it inworld to see how it looks.)

Anyway, sometimes people ask if I will decorate their houses for them — come out and drag things out of inventory, rotate them, and position them, over and over.  There are no words to express the horror this inspires in me — I can’t even come close to getting my own store decorated, and someone wants me to spend my precious little time decorating their house instead of making things and doing customer support???  They offer to pay me, of course. Or promise to buy a whole house full of furniture.

Now, quite a few of these hate decorating as much as I do — they describe what a chore it is for them* (no one has to tell me!), even as they try to press me into service — and they just won’t take no for an answer.  They are  determined that I am going to decorate their house, whatever it costs**. And I am equally determined that I am not. Because you know what?  I get to decide what my job is, and I have decided that my job is to do only as much dragging furniture around as I absolutely have to, and no more.  Because this is not only my job, it’s my Second Life, too.

* Some ask if I can’t just put all the furniture in a rezzer so they can push a button and rez it at once. Hmm, that would just mean making all the furniture copyable, putting a script in each item, positioning everything in the house, recording the positions, taking each item into inventory, and putting it into a rez box. And then totaling up the cost of all the copy versions of the furniture, and then putting non-scripted transfer versions of the furniture back in the model home. Would only take a few days. For me, probably a week.

 ** Once someone insisted that I name my price to come decorate his house, after I had already politely declined several times, so I quoted him a price: $200.  Which he thought was entirely reasonable — until I clarified: USD. (And I was serious! Not that it was a “fair” price but that’s how much I did not want to do it.)


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