The wheels seem to be coming off…

For 3 years I have taken the sky is falling rhetoric with a grain of salt. Not anymore. Not now.

The marketplace deliveries have always been bad, often very bad — but now it is day after day of failed and non deliveries. I monitor these and contact customers to give them a slurl to the item inworld, and offer to deliver it directly from my inventory. The orders that say “delivered” but were not, I have no way of knowing until the customer contacts me (or I happen to notice a one star review).

I  put warnings on my kitchen listings long ago; today I will put warnings on my dining and bedroom listings: It is safer to buy inworld.

I think they may have just rolled out the server update that fixed the broken GiveInventory LSL function that made my house vendors take money from ppl and give them nothing (I went around and put a sign out by all the rezzer-vendors to buy the box, not the vendor.)

JIRAs and support tickets mostly just get ignored — I have begged and begged and begged to know why ppl buy boxes and box contents inworld and do not receive them. It is treated like it is none of my business. The response I get to most support tickets is an email two months later saying “Hope your problem got fixed, we are closing this.”  What kind of company just ignores support? Isn’t good support the sine qua non of successful business?

And the person who copied my kitchen and put it up for sale full perm on the marketplace — I filed a dmca and many ARs — remains unbanned. I am not clear on what number of ppl one must steal from in order to get banned. Stealing and putting something up for sale on the Marketplace — with your store brand on the box  — is not unpremeditated. It’s not an oopsie.

If LL is doing anything to indicate it is not circling the drain, I’d really like to know what it is.


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