Being a Linden Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry?

I have generally had positive interactions with Lindens, and decent service. They mostly seem like nice folks, if not always very well acquainted with this Second Life stuff. And then there are the other kind.

I don’t know too many businesses where you can’t ask to speak to someone higher up if the service you receive is unsatisfactory, but that’s how LL operates. No matter how awful a Linden’s performance is, there is no one to report him to — and he knows it. He can pretty much do as he pleases when he is on the job.

I have had two recent very unsatisfactory experiences with LL service people. First was a horrific live chat with poor confused Nikia, when I was attempting to discover why my new sim had not been delivered.  She could barely understand the question and just kept repeating the same nonsensical claim that the Extended Support transaction would take ten days. She sunk her teeth in no matter how patiently I tried to explain that Extended Support customers like the sim seller got instant service.  Nope, 10 days.

Nikia was the worst support person I think I have ever encountered in any life — and totally unaccountable. I tried several times to contact some other support person, but Nikia was waiting, and picked up every time.  I asked her several times the name of her supervisor, but she said “He left” and would not give me the name, and finally hung up on me.  So no way to contact anyone higher up.

Then there was whoever it was on the IP Team who decided he would take the liberty of canceling my DMCA. Evidently he thought this was a little game. How dare I express concern that the thief would be given plenty of time to hide the evidence!  Was I not aware that the IP Team holds all the power and me none? I guess he showed me who is boss.

Except this is not a little game for me. This is very serious business for me. The thief has many thousands of dollars worth of my full perm content in her /her alt’s inventories.  My DMCA covers ALL the copied content, not just the stuff put up for sale. I do not want it passed around, I want it deleted!  And I do not want some emotionally adolescent Linden with nothing at stake and no accountablity to tell me to, in effect, drop dead.  This is not a game of Mother May I. This is not about me repenting of my insufficiently obsequious DMCA wording.

This  is about me submitting a legal document to protect many thousands of dollars of my property and a Linden illegally withdrawing it.   I don’t even know which Linden it is because residents of SL are not allowed to know top secret information like that. And even if I knew his name, I don’t know his supervisor’s name. No, I have to deal with this petulant twit.  Anonymity does that to some people on the internet and Linden Lab.

There are simply no consequences for treating customers like, say, slightly retarded children, if that’s what a Linden decides to do. Who will know? Who will know if they treat customers with contempt? Even if people like this actually do have supervisors, good luck getting their names. I am sure many Linden supervisors would be quite horrified at some of the poor service, but ignorance is bliss.  They’ll never know.

There are very few jobs where you can be incompetent and not get reported by customers or fellow workers. I can only think of two — a bagger at the supermarket because most people are not going to report shoddy bagging, and being a Linden, where there’s no one to report anything to.

Goes a long way to explaining what seems to many of us the incomprehensible behavior and decisions we see in some Lindens.  A company cannot have both top quality service personnel and this Orwellian anonymity. Accountability means transparency.

Example: The Commerce Team, with a horrendous task trying to make the marketplace functional — I mean, they have to actually produce results that everyone can see. Fully accountable, not only for results, but to merchants and shoppers. We know who the team leader is — Brooke — and she files regular reports to keep merchants apprised of updates. I feel like my input has value. Sure, it’s easier to hide — some days it would be great to be an anonymous creator. But that’s not how to build customer loyalty. Transparency and accountability do that.


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