Featured designer Grant Latour

Grant Latour resides in this beautifully furnished Malibu Beach House. (All pictures are very large — click to open, then click again to enlarge further.)

“I was prim conscious when i rented this place 3 months ago.”
The Malibu Beach House has a base of only 150 prims, which allowed him freedom to decorate as he wanted.

The nautical themed décor is perfect for this seaside location. “This is mainland in the proximity of the Blake Sea. SL aviation and sailing prime real estate. Behind me next sim over is Honah lee Airport.”

Grant loves the view of the sunset from the panoramic windows. “I set to sunset if at all possible. It really shows off the wall to wall view you gave us.”

“My friends and I all love the media room”, says Grant of the spacious room that even includes a bar.


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