Jazzy kept me updated as she relinked her house to save prims — and in the process I got valuable feedback about what I need to include on my Homeowners Page instructions for the process.  Jazzy graciously agreed to share her experience here:

Hello to all you Pamela Galli fans! I purchased the Rose Manor home from Pamela several weeks ago. I have had lots of questions regarding different functions of my house. Pamela has been so helpful, always getting back to me right away.

        When Firestorm came out with an update, my fireplaces went bonkers and were jumbled. I contacted Pamela and she suggested having the sim restarted.  During our conversations about this, Pamela gave me the url to her blog to read on mesh.

While I was there I also read her article on lowering LI (Land Impact) by changing linked, unscripted, and non-sculpty prims to Convex Hull Physics Shape Type. This option is on the Features tab in your edit window. I decided to try it on my house and other items on my land. It was kinda hit and miss at first. I had to unlink the windows from the rest of the house, then I linked all the windows back together.

 The reason for that is they have scripts in them and to get them all to work at the same time they had to be linked separate from the house. then I had to unlink the doors from the house. These are all easy enough functions to perform. But, I forgot that the sculpted items had to also be unlinked. So I went back through the house and unlinked any sculty items.

Then I realized I couldn’t walk through the doorways. HMMM? So I contacted Pamela again. I’m sure her patience was being tested by then with me haha. [Editor’s note: Nope!] But, she explained that Convex Hull when used will fill in openings such as doorways. So, I then proceeded to unlink the surrounding doorways and wall pieces.

Yeah, I know it sounds like alot right? Well, I kept going and discovered the roses were sculpties. So I unlinked them and the numbers went down. If you try to change a sculpty to Convex Hull it about double the prims. Very good lesson for me. So, after all that was said and done, and I soft linked the house and took a copy, I saved 77 prims! It was well worth the effort! I only had 125 prims left now I have 202! Amazing, huh?

          On this little adventure I also got a look at the mesh dining sets and living room furniture and bedroom furniture Pamela has made from mesh. Awesome! Looks so real! I was really kinda against mesh at first, thinking I was being forced into accepting it whether I liked it or not. But, OMG! I can see so many good things about mesh now. Fewer prims, much more flexibility in building. I’m sold!
Thanks Pamela for all your help and the information you have shared with me!

                         Jazzy Lupindo


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