The NEW La Galleria Mesh Kitchen is here!

The mesh kitchens I have made over the last year were a big step up from the regular kitchens, which were already the best in Second Life — but this newest one is another giant step forward.  So much so that I made a whole page describing how everything works, here — it is actually the notecard that comes  with the kitchen, with pics.

It has a more flexible layout (though still fits all of my houses), a refrigerator with mesh food, a new larger island, cabinets, a fireplace,  a teacart that rezzes really cute things, and more things to rez from the bar. It also has new cutting edge scripting that allows owner and guests to attach utensils directly, without going into inventory. And lot more new things!

I will be updating the other mesh kitchens in the same way — owners will get an automatic update.

Come by and try it out! It’s right by the La Galleria central landing point.


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