Your La Galleria MESH Dinner Party Kitchen

The La Galleria MESH Dinner Party Kitchen was originally designed to give people a way to prepare and cook the dinners that I had in my original Dinner Party dining tables, and this continues to be the case:  everything in the kitchen is in or can be added to the tables.

The kitchens  come with two different countertop texture change versions* — Amber or  Black Marble —  are modular, easy to modify, and have many different accessories, so you can customize to your kitchen’s size and prim count. Refrigerators are not linked and can be placed at either end of the kitchen or elsewhere. Freestanding cabinets and fireplace (not visible in picture) are not linked so may be placed anywhere.

Top cabinet doors have glass panels and open, and new specular and normal materials have been applied (visible only with a materials-enable viewer).

State of the art scripting allows owners and guests to directly attach utensils for cooking and preparing food without taking into inventory!
Many items rez from counters and shelves, no need to place them.

The basic kitchen with furniture and appliances is about 90 prims; fully loaded with accessories, add about another 120, depending on which you choose to use.

The picture below shows various places to Right or Left Click in order to animate, rez, or turn things on and off in one part of the kitchen (these yellow indicators rez with the kitchen and may be deleted whenever you like).

Click to enlarge and read labels.

* The Ebony and Cream kitchen does not come with texture change counters.


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