Villa Galleria features

As promised, I have made a larger version of the San Marino, with a layout similar to the Gran Villa di Galli.  It is a lovely Old World villa with lots of room indoors and out for family and friends.  Every room opens onto a patio or terrace, to bring the outdoors in.

Here are some features:

~ Three bedrooms, one of which can be a study or recreation room, with optional divider wall w/ arched doorway (shown in the upstairs bedroom in the model).

~ Two large terraces off of each bedroom

~ Master has windowseat with numerous sits and couple cuddles.

~ Area for bath in Master Suite

~ Planter with palm trees and flowers

~ Pavillion with fountain with animations

~ Ceiling fans

~ Dining chandelier

~ Pool with animations

~ Other planters and plants


Also featuring specular and normal materials*


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