New Outdoor Dining Set plus FREE HALLOWEEN GIFTS!

Fall is a time to sit outside with friends and enjoy the perfect weather (well, in SL) and falling leaves, maybe with a nice Merlot . Could anything be more conducive to entertaining than these contemporary wicker seating sets?  

The detailed mesh wicker chair has four different fabric change options (and you can also tint the cushions in Edit), and eight different sits. 

 The coffee table rezzes a cheese plate with wine and flowers that gives a glass of wine and cracker with cheese, plus daisy and orchid centerpieces or magazines and candles when not entertaining.  This larger set is 20 Prims / Land Impact.

The smaller set, 13 prims / Land Impact has two chairs with an end table.  Both sets come with a ceiling fan and a rug, and pieces are available individually.

Everything is exclusively at La Galleria!


Still gearing up for the big day!  This week I have a new skull and raven wind chime, out of which creepy bats fly to scare your guests. 

 I put out different sizes cute mesh Jack O Lanterns made by Anthonys Republic.  I also updated a Halloween wreath from last year, made a new wreath, and have the animated sculpted Jack O Lanterns from years past.

Everything is COPY and on the front porch of the Villa Galleria. 

Net week and following:  Halloween party things and spooky decorations for inside and out!


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