More Halloween Gifs!

I have another new candle centerpiece, plus Halloween banners, a sculpted scarf table with some Halloween cookies (touch to get one to eat)  and candies,  a moaning ghost that floats around moaning,  ghostly skeleton hands that come out of nowhere (presumably to try to strangle you), a witch’s broom you can fly around on , and an apple bobbing barrel. 

How to win at apple bobbing and amaze your friends:  “Sit” on barrel with apples and while you are bobbing, touch an apple to get one for your inventory.  Then wear it. When you stand up you will have the apple in your mouth and can declare yourself the apple bobbing champion 🙂 

Everything is COPY, and can be found by the rugs.

Also you will see a copy mod rug shadow, free, which you can add to any regular prim rugs that do not have shadows already.


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