New Mesh Releases! Plus, even MORE Halloween gifts!

My new releases this week — a coffee table, end table, sofa table, and desk/writing table — demonstrate one reason I love mesh so much: each of them is only one prim!  I love it!  I have take a bunch of snapshots of these, along with the urns and books (copyable), all of which I used to decorate my beautiful Palm Beach Bunglow.

All of these except some books have specular materials to give them a little bit of shine, visible now with the LL viewer, eventually with all viewers.

In the study (downstairs) of the Palm Beach, find the little Scarecrow and Jack O Lanterns (which I did not make but assembled).

 Go check the kitchen island for caramel apples and popcorn balls!
Touch either to get one to wear and munch on!
On the upstairs terrace overlooking the ocean

All gifts are COPYABLE! 


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