New Releases, Gifts, and more!

Happy Springtime!

*********  NEW Dining Table for 6 *********

I am still on a dining furniture roll (can you tell it is my favorite?).  This week I have  a rustic, distressed Louis XVI table for 6, the kind of thing I would adore in RL.   I have it displayed with Louis XVI dining chairs and a matching console table, but slipper chairs of course would go great too.

It is not boxed, but eligible for the 25% Mix n Match discount if you want to make your own set.

Mix n Match

Buy furniture pieces individually and receive a 25% discount on your total.

*Minimum 5 pieces of furniture from the same dept.
*Rugs and accessories do not count as furniture, but are included in the discount.
*To receive your discount, send Turbokitty a notecard with your transaction info.

La Galleria Dining Dept

******** Spring Windchimes Gifts *********

I have two, both copyable, hanging in the room with the new dining table — both have lovely intermittant chimes, one emits butterflies, the other daisies. After first rezzing you may need to touch them to turn them off and on before both chimes and flowers/butterflies start — and the latter can be slow to appear.


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