Palm Beach Update, Gift, and more!


Palm Beach Bungalow Update!

I had several Palm Beach Bungalow owners ask me if they could remove the wall between master BR and the bath, to enlarge the rooms —  so I decided to make a new version with larger bedrooms, and while I was at it added and updated quite a few new things, but kept the same footprint and Land Impact, so it can be rezzed in the same spot around furniture. Here are some of the features of this Palm Beach v3 update, with the same footprint and LI as before — please take a look at the model in the store or on the marketplace  to see it and decide if and what parts you might want to update.

~ enlarged bedrooms
~ enclosed back porch to make a garden/breakfast room
~ updated textures (shutters, floors, shading)
~ entry light fixture above entrance
~ changed some window sizes
~ changed panels over doors
~ double doors open at the same time
~ added doorbell
~ made an optional (unlinked) back patio w walls
~ made outdoor walls thicker and reconfigured/relinked the landscaping elements
~ pool water is mesh ( has “waves”)

I will send the update this week. If you own the Palm Beach, keep your box rezzed so it can scan for the update.

Spring Gift!

I made another set of the Vintage Flower Seed mesh picture frames to add to those last week — you can find them all on the Palm Beach upstairs landing hallway wall.


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