Greetings friends!

Summer Casual Dining

This pretty breakfast – brunch – lunch – dessert dining table rezzes a number of casual dining and centerpiece options.  It along with the COPY MOD painted chest and chairs,etc., are exclusively at La Galleria, and can be found in the Dining Dept here.

I have been working on updating the American mesh cottages (the ones with front porches) — here is a peek at a white version I will be adding:

It along with updates of the other color versions (Mockingbird and Americana) will be ready by next week.

* A new Rose Manor update 1.4 (new mesh terrace walls) has been added to the automatic update box.

* I will be adding a Galleria Bar update soon, to fix an error message glitch.

*To get these updates and other updates for certain copyable items (mesh bars, mesh kitchens, mesh houses, some part mesh houses), just leave your box rezzed. If the box has a script in it called TimedUpdateCheck, that is the box that will scan for updates.

* I will send out the Mountain Creek Part Mesh updates this week to everyone who gave their names to Turbokitty — these are not the automatic updates, since older version boxes do not scan for updates, so I send manually from a list.   The new box you receive will scan for any future updates.

On the painted chest mentioned above you will find a pail of fresh flowers in water, COPYABLE, a gift — a larger size for the floor is nearby as well. 

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