New Rug Shipment and SALE!

Hello there, everyone!

The semi-annual La Galleria Rug Sale is back, with a fresh new shipment!
On sale this week for 79L each, the new shipment offers rugs in all styles from antique to contemporary, so you’re sure to find your perfect match.

These are all very high resolution rugs, so they can be stretched to accommodate any room and will remain blur-free.

All are mesh, and include a “rug shadow” that gives your rug a 3-D depth and keeps it from lying like a flattened cube against the floor. (If you would prefer for your rug to lie flatter, you can just stretch it flatter overall.) Some of these even have a very slight wrinkle texture.

*The Rug Department now wraps around the Dining department, and the new shipment starts in front of the Dining Dept. and wraps around towards the Living and Bedroom.

You can come and check out the sale here.


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