Introducing the Montecito House

Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about a new house, but the Montecito is just too pretty not to share!  I love the light, bright, airy feel, mostly due to the walls of beautifully paned windows.  Everywhere you look, you will notice the details that make a house a home- from the skylights throughout, to the French Doors and expert texturing- this house was crafted with care!  With only 99 prims, you have plenty to spare on your choice of furniture and accessories!  The house and deck have a footprint of 45 x 45 — perfect for a 64 x 64 (4096) parcel.  Enjoy!


~ Three bedrooms — remove doors to a room to make it another living area.

~ Master suite has a bathroom area.

~ Kitchen area fits all La Galleria kitchens

~ L Click window contoller switch to open or close shutters (seen only from outside — inside stays open)

~ L Click the large foyer skylight to rez hanging ivy.

Here is a list of everything that is included with the house:

Pool with float and tread water animations — “sit” on the side of the pool with steps.

Steps for pool – tile.

Steps for deck – wood.



Entry Light

Celing fan.

Garden walls — place wherever you like.

Juniper plants in planters

Rows of flowers.

Planter with palms for foyer.

Hanging Ivy for dining and living room trellis.

Planter with palms for outdoors

Textured wood floor block for building.

Textured roof shingles block for building.


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