Have a Valentine Cookie Party (and pick up some gifts!)

Hello Friends!

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I made this adorable cookie party kit! Plan a day of preparing, baking, and eating these cute Valentine cookies with friends!  This would also be a fun activity to do with kids! 

Animations include stirring, rolling, cutting, and eating cookies!

Can be installed to rez from a menu in a Dinner Party Kitchen, or placed on any surface. Comes with baking cookies for the oven.

Come visit the landing point to see a demo version.


In addition to all the gifts from last week, I have several more available at the landing.

I purchased and modified this teddy bear, and he is just as cute as can be!  He comes in two sizes, and is holding balloons that emit festive little hearts!  There is a copyable version for free, and also a transfer version available for 10L.  That way you are free to keep one, and give others to friends and loved ones!

I love to decorate for Valentine’s Day, and to help you do the same, I’ve put out some Valentine’s pillows and a welcoming wall hanging, all copyable.   There will be more to come over the next few weeks!  Enjoy!


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