New Sienna Linen Living Set and GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This week releasing another original La Galleria exclusive mesh living set.  Everything in this set is new. The sofa, loveseat and chair come with fresh new animations installed.  Touch the pillows for fabric change.  The distressed wood coffee table has all new contents that rez from a menu.   It is 68 LI with everything included.  Everything is super low prim, but I decided to just go ahead and include a lot of individual items that I normally don’t in a set like this.  Mod/Transfer except items that rez from a menu.  Found at the landing or on the marketplace.

▶ Mix N Match
Buy furniture pieces individually and receive a 20% discount on your total! 
*Minimum 5 pieces of furniture from same dept.
*Rugs and Accessories do not count as furniture, but are included in the discount
*To receive your discount, send Turbokitty a notecard with your transaction info.
*Purchases must be made within the same day.


This week I’m offering two gifts.  The first is a Sand Dollar on Stand, the third release in the Shell on Stand Collection. 

The second is this decorative mesh pottery bowl.  Both copy/mod. Found at the landing


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