New White Dining Set

Hello Friends!

This week’s new release is this pretty La Galleria Dinner Party Dining Set for 4 featuring a White English Table and Scroll Slipper Chairs.  It can be found at the main landing point or on the Marketplace, and can be purchased at a special introductiory price for a limited time.  All items are Modify/Transfer except for the items that rez from the dining table, which are copy.  Items must be deleted to transfer table. 
Only 26 Prims!


The open/close shutters that are on many La Galleria homes are ONLY visible from the outside.

As you might imagine, I get a lot of questions from homeowners.  Oftentimes, people have similar questions/issues, and for this reason I’ve put together this helpful page on my blog.   I include the 5 Rules of Homeownership as well as many other tips and suggestions on how to improve your experience as a homeowner.


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