NEW Pine Corbel and White Living Set and Halloween GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This new La Galleria exclusivePine Corbel and White Linen living set comes with everything pictured, and is 80 prims/LI.  Mod/Transfer permissions except for items that rez from a menu.  Found at the La Galleria landing point.

**************Halloween GIFTS!**************

Most of you know how much I love gift giving, and that is even more true around holidays! In preparation for halloween, I’m giving away many gifts each week.
This week I’m offering:

La Galleria Sculpted Spider Web w Spider
Halloween Wreath w Skulls and Spiderweb
Lighted Halloween Pumkin String with Bows
La Galleria Pumpkin with White Daisies
La Galleria Sunflowers in Witches Cauldron
Antique Silver & Black Purple Candle
Antique Silver & Black Orange Halloween Candle
LA GALLERIA  Halloween Skull emitter 2011
Witch print — Black frame mesh
La Galleria Halloween Dried Flowers in Black Vase
Mean Jack o Lantern

All copyable. Found at the La Galleria landing point. Stay updated, becasue I will be giving out more Halloween themed gifts over the course of this month!

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