NEW Clock Shipment plus GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This week I have a brand new selection of clocks- grandfather, wall, mantle and more! All copyable. Found in the accessories dept.

All at introductory pricing for a short time.

****************** TIP OF THE WEEK ********************

Tired of your camera getting stuck behind walls?

Would you like your camera positioned more like it is in other video games — not so far away from your avi, where it is always running into walls, doorways, and low ceilings?

A more natural feeling view?

Follow the instuctions below:

1. Go into the Advanced menu at the top of your window (if it does not show, do Control > Alt (or Option) D ).

2. Open Debug Settings at the bottom. Type in:   CameraOffsetRearView

3. Then enter these numbers:

X: -2.200
Y: -0.400 (Make positive for a left shoulder view or keep 0.000 for a centred view.)
Z: -0.100

Like the new view?  Pass this notecard around to your friends!


St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon, and to celebrate I have set out some cute gifts!

Pick up your very own (shrinkable) rainbow and a pot of gold, found in the Accessories Dept by the new clocks


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