NEW Soho Mesh Bar and GIFTS!

The NEW Soho Bar is mesh, so the prim count/LI is low, even with all the accessories included (everything shown in the picture = under 70 prims/LI), and with state of the art scripting for the most realistic bar experience. Everything is copy and mod.

Screenshot (365)

Screenshot (373)Screenshot (374)Screenshot (375)Screenshot (376)Screenshot (377)Screenshot (378)Screenshot (381)Screenshot (382)Screenshot (383)

Along with the bar and breakfront, also included are COPY AND MOD:

~ high bar table that serves drinks for two people.
~ stool with chatting and toasting animations
~ beer on tap dispenser
~ various bar accessories, both linked and separate
~ planter with tree
~ brick wall
~ Framed pics
~ Instructions Sign for the wall
~ bowls of snacks


Easter is this weekend, so to help you celebrate I’m giving away this cute Easter basket with eggs and Easter bunny. Available in small or large.

Easter Basket 2014

Also, I have put out these two Easter Bunnies.

Screenshot (385)
Found at the new Soho Bar.




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