NEW Trestle and Slipper Chair Dining Set plus GIFTS!

Greetings Friends!

This week I’m releasing this pretty Dinner Party Dining Set for 6. It features a distressed trestle table and floral slipper chairs. Such a bright and cheerful set with rich colors!  Mod/ Transfer except for items that rez. 44 prims/LI

Screenshot (229)Screenshot (230)Screenshot (231)Screenshot (232)Screenshot (233)Screenshot (234)

Found at the landing point.


I made some pretty new La Galleria butterfly decorative boxes to add to your collections! One in black lacquer and one burl.
Screenshot (398)Screenshot (399)

I also put out a Spring Windchime with Butterfly Emitter.
Scr3eenshot (1266)

All copyable. Found at the NEW Sunburst and Trestle Dining Set.


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