NEW Chippendale Dining Set for 4 and Seashell Gifts!

Greetings Friends!

This week’s release is this pretty Chippendale Dining Set for 4. It is only 31 prims/LI. Everything is mod and transfer except for the items that rez from a menu,  AT A SPECIAL INTRO PRICE FOR A SHORT TIME (only applies to set on display in the cottage)
Found inside the English Cottages

Screenshot (84)Screenshot (88)Screenshot (90)

Screenshot (216)

This dinner table will serve shrimp cocktail, cheese plate, sandwiches, fried chicken,  lasagna, shrimp, steak, tex-mex or ham dinner with a glass of red wine, fried chicken with iced tea, eggs, bacon, and croissant, and for desert  a round of cheesecake and  coffee or pumpkin pie. When not serving, rez a variety of centerpieces.

Found inside the English Cottages
**********PROMO SUMMER DINING SET!*************

If you’re looking to brighten up for summer, I am offering this White English Dinner Party set at a special promotional price for a short time! See it here:

Screenshot (1249).jpg


This week I set out the last of the shells on stands. It can be found by the new Chippendale dining set:

Screenshot (1527)


I also put out decorative seashell cubbies. They are copy/mod, so you can tint or resize them. Use as shelf or wall decor
Screenshot (91)Screenshot (93)Screenshot (95)

**NOTE** For those of you who had trouble finding last week’s gifts, they have all been moved to the white bathroom inside the Santa Barbara house:


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