Designer of the Month — Endora McAndrews

La Galleria’s Designer of the Month for June is Endora McAndrews, who owns a beautiful Virginia style house in a beach community. She does a lot of entertaining: “I have family all over SL. This house is sort of like an adult play house. We are all busy, but we meet a lot and barbecue a lot and enjoy each other’s company as if we were in real life.”

Endora’s friend and housemate Angelinne Cazalet was helpful in the set up of the furniture in the house, and did the landscaping you see.

While most of the decor is soft, muted colors in traditional, classic style, Endora created flair by skillfully blending touches of Asian, Contemporary, Victorian, and Western. “I decorate for comfort”, Endora says.

The result is a design consistent with with classic style of the house, but with a crisp, contemporary feel — perfect for the warm and welcoming gathering place it is.


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