Summertime = Partytime!

Invite your friends over and spend the day having a cookout!


Touch the grill to get a menu to rez uncooked burgers or barbecued chicken — then after a bit, “turn” the meat over by rezzing the cooked versions!

To cook the meat on the grill, touch the cannister to get the turner or tongs (for owner only) — accept the animation then click on the turner or tongs to “wear” them. You don’t have to dig around in inventory for them!

Guests may touch the bag of potato chips for a chip, or the soda or beer can for a drink.


To eat, touch the picnic table for the menu and choose your food and number of guests! Touch the food to get food or fork and start eating! Rez the ice chest and guests can touch the cans for a soda or beer.

Food Items:

Appetizers — Chips & Salsa with Margarita or Cheese & Fruit with Wine

Meals — Barbecued Chicken with Grilled Corn and Tomato Slice, or Cheeseburgergs with Potato Chips.

Dessert — Cherry Pie or Cookies

Each picnic bench has three “seats”, each with a male and female dining animation.


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