Win an Apartment Full of La Galleria Furnishings!

When Prim Perfect magazine invited me to be their Designer of the Month for June, I thought “Oh, goody!” – and then they told me I would be decorating a cabin on the Galaxy Cruise ship. Now, as it turns out, this cabin was quite large, which is good, but I would be limited to 300 prims, which is — a challenge. As it turned out, it was a good exercise in analyzing how I could lose prims without sacrificing quality. I was not able to use some of my very favorite things, of course — I did so want to use my leopard skin occasional chairs — but I used a lot of things from the Low Prim section of the store, and did away with a lot of shadows.

The cabin has low ceilings and dark paneling, so I covered the floors with wood, painted, and wallpapered. 🙂 And yes, that took some of my precious prims.

Prim Perfect has a contest in which you can win ALL the furnishings (as well as free rent for the cabin for a month). All you need to do is find the prim count on the items shown on p.66 by visiting the stores, and sending in your notecard to Prim Perfect with the totals. Seems pretty simple. Prim Perfect’s web version of the magazine can be found here.


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