New Walnut Empire Bedroom Set

Some really exciting new features are included in the new Walnut Empire Bedroom Set.  The wonderfully sculpted Empire bed includes feather brocade retractable linens as well as an optional canopy with a curtain feature that rezzes from a menu.  The bed also has multiple single, cuddle and sleep animations.
Another new feature is the Empire styled armoire includes open-close doors and rezzes folded clothes and decorative bowls inside (or you can put anything else you like inside).

 This set also has all new Empire styled matching bedroom bench with sit animations and matching chaise with sit and cuddle animation.

Touch on and off gold trimmed lamps and matching feather brocade scarf tables bring the set together.

 Also included are pictures, rugs, and brass gold trim planter with fig plant. 

Check out the Marketplace for more Bedroom Sets.

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