Modders Have More Fun! Featuring Dixie Dabney & Daria Afterthought

Dixie Dabney
When Dixie Dabney mentioned I might want to come see how she modded her Magnolia Cottage she said “I warn you it’s bizarre.” So I was really curious!  I would not call her creation bizarre, but delightful and cheery — certainly it is colorful, indoors and out. 

Be sure to click the pictures to see a large version!

She made the inside into one big room and just look at the windows an doors!  All it takes is some basic skills in unlinking and modifying prims, tinting, and texturing — all of which are covered in my blog tutorials pages. If you would like to take a peek inworld, Dixie says come on by.

Daria Afterthought

Daria Afterthought went well beyond basic modding when she decided to redo her Bluebonnet Cottage (now a Violet Cottage). I was really amazed — she added a room upstairs, a tiny bathroom off the hallway, dormer windows on the roof, and put a wall and door separating the bedroom into two rooms. And she did it all just by unlinking and copying the prims in the house.

The Powder Room!

Wall and door separating the back room.


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