FREE Holiday Gifts plus new releases!

I have an updated Garden Bench, now in three colors — cute with the Xmas throw pillow gifts!  Also I have a new cross back bench in white or black, each with fabric change options.  All benches have singles sits and a nice couples cuddle, copy and mod.

On top of the fireplaces by the landing point you will see my beautiful all-mesh centerpiece — no alpha textures used.   That version is unscripted, copyable, so you can place it anywhere.  On the floor is the box with all three versions — non scripted, scripted to place in coffee tables, consoles that rez things, kitchen islands, etc., and scripted to go in Dinner Party tables. 

In addition to the free Holiday Pillows, I also have several other Holiday gifts!! 
They are all by the landing point.  I have pretty red or pink sculpted poinsettias, two versions of fireplace mantle garland, and colored or white strands of mesh lights for your house.  All of these are in the rooms with the dining sets for 8, right by the central landing point.

Not to mention all the gifts from last week are still available!


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