Last of the MESH Kitchens are now UPDATED!

In time for holiday festivities, I have just finished the update for the MESH kitchens, to make them even more fun to play with and look at.

Some highlights;

~ More animations in counters, refrigerator, oven, sink, some of them for couples or friends.

Couples Cooking Animation seen in the Ebony and Cream Kitchen

~ Many textures and objects have been updated to improve appearance, Land Impact, or rez time — for example, that 17 prim teacart is now 2.

~ Ham dinner and shrimp cocktail added to the island and ham dinner to the oven (to go with the ham dinner now in most mesh dining sets).

~ Top cabinet doors now all have glass panels and open on touch.

~ A lot of things have specular and normal materials applied, but these are only visible with a materials-enabled viewer, which at this time is only the LL viewer.

For detailed info with pictures, check the online kitchen manual here:

If you have a mesh kitchen, rez your box for 24 hours to receive your updated kitchen.  


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