New releases/ updates/ promo/ gifts!

I am still working on the Rose Manor update (to mesh trim), but this week in anticipation of Valentine’s Day (oh I will have so much in the coming weeks!) I also updated my Lover’s Table for two, with all kinds of gorgeous things that rez from a menu, and fabric change choices.  It is now mesh (tho most of the rezzing items are sculpted).  The new table is only sold separately for now, so you can choose whichever chairs you would like to go with it.   Exclusively at La Galleria.

I do take note of customer requests, although at this point my “To Do/ To Make” list is several pages long. One request was for a curio cabinet to hold the boxes in your La Galleria Box Collection.  I came across a simple mesh curio cabinet and thought it had possibilities, so I retextured it and added legs and a back to it, and I think it looks pretty good.  It comes in three colors but it is copy mod so you can tint it any color you like. Only 49L!  Right by the landing point.

*******   Tips of the Week  **********

To see the new materials, which make things look shinier or have more 3D texture, turn on Advanced Lighting in the Graphics tab of your viewer. Will really make things pop!  If you have a less powerful computer or graphics card, it will not cause lag if you do not turn on shadows and other features.

Also lots of good tips on my Homeowner’s Guide  , including how easy it is to re-rez a house in the exact same position.

If you can edit a linked prim you can mod, unlink, copy etc just about anything!  And it is SO simple. If you dont know how, take a look at my instructions  here:   You will be glad you did!

*******  Gifts ********

I made this new Marble and Copper Compass box to add to your La Galleria Box Collection, but could not decide which size to make it so I made three. They are copy, and inside the display cabinets by the landing point.


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