Updates, new releases, gifts, and more!

Rose Manor Update!

If you own the Rose Manor and would like to be on the update list, send your name to Turbokitty in IM, with info about approximately when you purchased it, to help her confirm the purchase.  Here are a couple of pics of the newly updated version:


This week’s new release is the Silver or Black Modern Dinner Party Table

I made two dining tables for 6 this week, a sort of mesh update of my modern black and silver tables. The tables are sold separately so you can pick whichever chairs you like or use some you already have. Please read the Mix n Match signs in the store to see how to get a 25% discount off dining sets purchased as individual pieces.


********  CLEARANCE ********
We have made a clearance section in the dining dept., like we have in the Living, Kitchen, and Office depts.  These are not displayed inworld except in boxes, but on the marketplace you can see the listing with pictures.  Because you cannot inspect them inworld, they are at a reduced price.

 ***********  GIFT ************
I found this really cute 4-panel picture frame — comes with black or white frme. It is copy and mod so you can add your own pics by dragging them to the picture panels.  With the new dining furniture S of the Landing Point.  They are copy and mod.



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