Valentine’s Day, Updates, and more!

Hello friends!

Check out the new part mesh Rose Mansion. I have replaced staricase, doors, windows, doorframes, columns, pool, windowseat, etc. with mesh now, but have left the rest of the house as it was — which means the house remains easy to modify.  There is a lot more detail in the house now, for slightly fewer LI (Land Impact) — 158 for house plus courtyard.  Plus now you can rez the loft from a menu, the outdoor space is expanded, and a balcony has been added to the Master suite.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Plan a day of making, baking, and eating the prettiest Valentine cookies with friends!  Check out the Valentine Cookie Preparation in the kitchen island and oven in the Rose Manor or Rose Mansion.  Can be installed to rez from a menu, or placed on any surface. Comes with baking cookies for the oven.


All you need to throw a little party, for two or ten!

Inside the Rose Mansion.


Surprise your lover and create a special memory this year with the updated Lover’s Table — beautiful dinners, dessert, and breakfast for two.

Chairs sold separately — choose from a wide variety in the dining dept.

Find it on the Rose Mansion balcony. 

Valentine’s Gifts!

All gifts are copy, some also mod, and can be found SOMEWHERE in the Mansion — you may have to HUNT a bit for them.   BTW, if you did not get the Heart Welcome Mat or one of the quilts from last week, they are now available.

~ New this year — Wooden Heart Collage, for above doorways, fireplaces, walls, etc.  Copy Mod, so you can tint the hearts and change the size.  1 prim

~ Hanging Hearts on Pegs – 1 prim

~ Silver and charcoal heart box for La Galleria box collectors.

~ Vintage Valentine Cards for R and L side of fireplace mantel or shelf

PS the cute little Cupid on the front steps is by Ziggy21 Slade.


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