New release, gift, and more!

To add to the Mix n Match collection of dining furniture I have a Distressed Pine round Dinner Party pedestal table for 4, along with matching sideboard. The Louis XVI chairs displayed with one of the tables are a distressed version.

To get the 25% Mix n Match Discount, buy 5 pieces of dining furniture and send your transactions on a notecard to Turbokitty.  Any accessories you include with the set will receive the discount as well.

Exclusively at La Galleria. You can find them here: La Galleria.

 What a Difference!

For quite some time I have been using the new specular (shiny) and normal (3D texture) materials on my mesh items.  For example, that nice sheen on my tables and chairs — you will only see if it you have Advanced Lighting checked in your Graphics tab of Preferences.  Also, having a light source near something will make it shine more 🙂

You do not need shadows or anything else checked, if you are concerned about lag. Checking Advanced Lighting only allows you to see the materials (and more than 6 lights), and does not by itself cause lag. Try it, you’ll like it!

NOTE:  I have found that on Firestorm  and Singularity, the materials might not be visible on Ultra — if not, try High.

********* A note about the trestle tables from last week *******

I made a more distressed texture and put it on one of the tables, so they are no longer identical.  I also made a more distressed version of the Louis XVI chairs and put them in the same display as the distressed table.

************  Cougar’s Blog *********

I dont keep up much with blogs, but one I do like to check is Cougar Sangria’s. Her photography is just fabulous, and she has assembled a fascinating collection of furnishings (many from La Galleria) for her creatively modified Rose Mansion/Mountain Creek Cottage.  I love seeing all the changes and innovations she has made.  Take a peek sometime


This wall decor — I don’t know what to call it so calling it a collage — is on the wall of one of the new trestle table dining rooms.  (I did not make the mesh itself but liked it so grabbed it for you and added the picture.)


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