New Drinks Tables and Club Chairs. Easter gift!

Hello Friends!

Don’t need a whole bar, but just a quiet corner to have a drink with a friend?  I now have two styles of drinks tables, and some really nice new club chairs to go with them.

The drinks tables work like the bar: You can choose from seven different drink coasters.  Touch the coaster to rez the drink. Then touch the drink to see it move to your hand. Click a button to detach and it goes back to the coaster.

Exclusively @ La Galleria, find them by the Galleria Bar here.

Bug of the Week:

I have not noticed or heard reports of any huge persistent annoying bugs lately — but there is a minor one I am seeing the last few days:  I rez something mesh and I get: a triangle (or nothing).  And the triangle just sits there, even if I click on it.   Eventually it shows up.


I have the sculpted bunnies from years past — they are cute but a bit high prim — and some new mesh bunnies. Touch the egg to get an egg delivered to inventory.

 All are copy AND mod so you can make them tiny for tabletop or huge for lawn.

 By the Galleria Bar.


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