New Release, Gift, and Sneak Peek at the newest La Galleria home!

Greetings Friends!

Like a bit of dramatic impact in your decorating?  This version of the Louis XVI dining table and console has antique marble tops for a sophisticated  European flavor.  I have it displayed with new Jacquard slipper chairs — but nearby are new Jacquard Louis XVI chairs also look really good with it.

Exclusively at La Galleria, find them in the Dining Dept.

Items purchased separately may qualify for the 25% Mix n Match discount — see the signs on the walls for details.

Next week I will have the contemporary part-mesh Palm Beach floorplan in stone and wood, very pretty!  Here is a preview:

Many of my copyable mesh or part mesh homes, kitchens, or bar get automatic updates IF the box is left rezzed inworld to scan for updates (once every 24 hrs). If your item box has a script called TimedUpdateCheck, it will scan for updates.

BTW:  In SL all updates — and all redelivery terminals — are ONLY for no transfer items (and only for items sold in vendors). 

Realistic Brown Bunnies Gift!
In contrast to the cartoon-like bunnies from last week, realistic brown fur ones (ie Peter Rabbit) holding a pretty Easter egg, in two sizes, both copyable.

Exclusively at La Galleria — they are with the dining set above.


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