New House Release and Gift!

Greetings friends!


Drop by to see my new 2 BR house — the kind you might see nestled in the hills of Topanga Canyon overlooking the Santa Monica and Malibu skyline.  Here are a few pictures:

Photo by Cougar Sangria

Photo by Cougar Sangria

Photo by Cougar Sangria

Photo by Cougar Sangria

Photo by Cougar Sangria

The part-mesh house alone has a LI / Prim count of 115 and a footprint of 35 x 40.  There is a courtyard with pool and a walled patio that you can arrange however suits your land, and many other extras.

Exclusively at La Galleria, it is at an introductory price for a short time.  See it here.

Bug of the Week!
For Turbokitty and me it has to be the old missing prims bug again. Whole objects or just parts of objects.  Second place would have to go to textures that will not fully load.

Easter Basket Gift!

This year I made a mesh Easter Basket — more detailed and much lower in prims (2) than the sculpted ones from years past.

A La Galleria original, it is copy only, in two sizes, and you can find it in the Topanga Canyon House ( you will have to hunt for it a bit!).


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