Rosebud Cottage Update! Gift!

I have completely redone the Rosebud with new mesh windows, doors, doorframes, windowseat & bookcases, pool (with added animations), deck walls and columns, porch railings and columns, porch lights, ceiling fans and more!

I also made the porch and side deck larger, and added controller switches for privacy curtains in windows (the house without pool is 26 x 28). All of this, and only 53 prims / LI!

The pool adds 15m to the depth and 8 prims.

I changed the floor plan a little bit — I took out the little vestibule before entering the bedroom — now double doors open into the bedroom, and the bedroom has a door to the deck.

Free updates for life!

See it here.

About Rosebud Update for current owners:  I am not going to be able to send free updates to everyone because I have just sold too many — neither Turbokitty or I have the time to confirm so many purchases over a 5 year period of transactions.

I will, however, send free updates to anyone who purchased the house in 2014. Just send Turbokitty an IM telling what month you made the purchase.

If you purchased the house  before 2014, you may send Turbokitty an IM telling about what year and month you made the purchase, along with a processing fee of 500L.

I will send the updates in about two weeks.


This potted fern shows how Alpha Masking eliminates the dreaded Alpha Bug.  If you have Advanced Lighting turned on in Preferences, you will not see the Alpha Bug on the fern fronds!  Yay!

It is on the front porch of the Rosebud, copyable.


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