New White Living Set! La Galleria Exclusive GIFT! Rosebud Upadate Coming Soon!

Give your home a light summer casual touch with elements from my new all mesh contemporary living room set!

The throw pillows on the seating has bright summery fabrics. The sofa has couples sits and a couples animation engine.  The coffee table rezzes appetizers or centerpieces.

Exclusively @ La Galleria, see it here.

For another summer touch, a trio of framed mesh seashell pictures in two sizes, one for above sofa or sofa table, one for above doorways or windows etc.  — copyable so you only need one copy of each!

See it in the new living room.

Rosebud Cottage Update:
If you are a current Rosebud Cottage owner you can get the new upgraded Part Mesh version by 1) IMing your name to Turbokitty, 2) giving her an approximate date of purchase, and 3) sending her a 500L processing fee if you purchased it before 2014.

 I will send out the upgrade sometime this week.

For more details on the upgrade:


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