NEW RIver Oaks House, Christmas Gifts!

Greetings Friends!

This week I am releasing -my new house- the part-mesh River Oaks House. By request, this is a large family home with 3 Master bedrooms with bath (or study), plus a downstairs room that can be a 4th bedroom. Copy/Mod 179 Prims/LI. Available at a special introductory price for a limited time.

************SPECIAL HOLIDAY PROMO!***************

To celebrate this holiday season, I am offering a special promotion. If you purchase any La Galleria home, I will offer you any living, bedroom, office, outdoor or bistro set for FREE. Must be of equal or lesser value.  IM me (Pamela Galli) with your house transaction as well as the exact name of the set you would like, and I will send it to you.


1. I have the Holiday Turkey Dinner and Ham Dinner in all sizes of Dinner Party tables.  Touch the fork, roll, or wine glass, and it will come straight to your hand, no digging in inventory!

Change for either Thanksgiving or Christmas decor:

Touch the plate to change to 6 different china patterns, including Christmas. Touch the edge of the runner to change fabric. Touch candles to change color, touch the candle holders to rez bows, touch bows to change color.

Touch the green bean casserole in serving dish AND on the plate to change to Brussels Sprouts (a necessity for British Christmas dinners).

2. I have turkey dinner preparation for the kitchen islands, and turkey dinner for the oven, available in the kitchen dept., but I will put out the boxes by the dining set boxes as well.

At the landing point. 

********** CHRISTMAS CENTERPIECES *********

This is a mesh centerpiece with candles, fir branches, pine cones, holly, and poinsettias, exclusively at La Galleria. It is at the landing point.

There are three copyable versions of the centerpiece in one box:

1) unscripted, for fireplaces etc.*
2)scripted to install in Dinner Party Tables, and
3)scripted to rez from kitchen island, rezzing coffee tables, rezzing console tables, Bistro or Hostess Tables, Tables for 2, tea cart, etc.

*Scripted centerpieces will hop out of position when they are not rezzed, but placed, near as rezzer-table.

Also: One version does not have a runner, so it fits all tables, the other is for the dinner party table for 6 and has a runner.

Found at the landing.

*************PROMOTIONAL HOLIDAY DECOR************************

CHRISTMAS TREE SNOW GLOBE MESH – Copy and trans versions available.

Shelf w Hooks – white

Both at special holiday pricing! Found in the River Oaks House.


This week I’m offering a table top and wall version of this cute Christmas Cubby! 2LI/Prims Copyable.

Single Tree Snowflake Christmas Collage

Single Tree & Snowflake Christmas Collage
and also Christmas tree Star Collage

La Galleria Vintage Christmas Prints
Christmas Plaque w Bow

                                               All copyable. Found at the River Oaks House.


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