Gingerbread Men Baking Experience and FREE Christmas Cubby gifts!

Greetings Friends!


I made a Gingerbread Man cookie preparation set for you to use with friends during the holidays!

In the box is a preparation set to install in any Dinner Party kitchen island, an oven baking set to put in any Dinner Party oven, and a cookies and cocoa set to install in any La Galleria kitchen bar, or table that rezzes things (except not Dinner Party tables).

Items you hold go directly to your hand on touch — no digging through inventory!

These are the things you and your friends can do together:

~ Stir up the dough in a bowl.
~ Roll out the dough.
~ Cut out the gingerbread men.
~ Put them in the oven to bake.
~ Decorate the cookies with icing.
~ Eat cookies.
~ Drink cocoa.

At the central landing point. 


I made these cute Christmas cubbies in both tabletop and wall versions. 2 LI/Prims. Copy/Mod

Found in the River Oaks House


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