NEW Dining Set and winter gifts!

Greetings Friends!
This week I’m releasing this La Galleria Dinner Party Mesh Dining Set — only 40 prims / Land Impact not counting items that rez from a menu.

Everything is mod and transfer except for the items that rez from a menu, which are copy; you cannot transfer those pieces of furniture unless all the items are deleted from contents.

This dinner table will serve a lasagna, shrimp, steak or ham dinner with a glass of red wine, fried chicken with iced tea, eggs, bacon, and croissant, and for desert  a round of cheesecake and  coffee. When not serving, rez a variety of centerpieces.

Touch a food or fork to get a copy to wear — the eating animation will begin, and alternate with the conversation to create a natural dinner party effect.

Found at the La Galleria main landing point.

Included in set:

Chinese Ladies Picture
Console – Black Marble and Gold Column-2
TRANS Brass Planter w Tropical Plant MESH 1 Prim-2
Peacock Picture
Purple Orchid, Brass Planter
Wicker Parsons Dining Chair TRANS-6
DINNER PARTY TABLE FOR 6 v3 – Black Marble Glass Top Mesh
TRANS Brass  6 shade Chandelier

40 Prims/LI


I put out some winter gifts at the landing point and by the Rose Manor.
All Copyable.

Winter Lantern

Winter Stump with Birds

Winter Pillows and Snowflake Collage

Winter Pillows and Snowflake Collage


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