Garden Benches and Swings plus GIFTS!

Greeting Friends!

****************Spring Garden Bench and Swing Sale!***************

Spring is coming soon, so I made this pretty collection of garden benches and swings!  I have many to choose from, including new versions of both benches and swings. Perfect for entryways, outdoors, or a sitting area!

Some available with fabric change option.  At special sale pricing for a limited time.

Screenshot (249)Screenshot (247)Screenshot (246)Screenshot (250)Screenshot (248)

Found at the main landing point.

Make Valentine’s cookies with friends and family using this cookie prep set! Prepare, decorate, bake and eat these lovely cookies. Be sure to share!

Screenshot (220)Screenshot (254)Screenshot (255)

At the Palos Verdes Terrace

*****************BATHROOM PREVIEW***************

Here are a few early pics of my new bathroom. Look for it to be released next week!

Screenshot (252)Screenshot (253)


Hearts on Stands
Screenshot (251)

This week I made these hanging heart frames.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day!
Screenshot (245)

Valentine throw pillows
Screenshot (239)

Wall Hanging and more pillows
Screenshot (238)

All found at the landing.


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